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  • Wyckoff middle schoolers get into the entrepreneurial spirit

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 12/4/2016

    WYCKOFF — Making a better lemonade stand was the challenge met by Eisenhower Middle School students at their first entrepreneur market this week.

    Some 200 pupils filled the school's gym and all-purpose rooms Thursday night with everything from lip balm to candy confections - assorted wares they made during a six-week extra-curricular course on starting a business.

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  • Eisenhower Middle School is taking part in the TREP$ entrepreneurship education program

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 10/31/2016

    WYCKOFF, N.J. – More than 200 Wyckoff middle-schoolers are preparing to become entrepreneurs.

    Wyckoff’s Eisenhower Middle School is taking part in the TREP$ entrepreneurship education program for youth, which teaches children how to start their own businesses.

    The students will participate in six weekly workshops to learn about entrepreneurship, money, marketing, advertising and sales. The plan is for them to start their own businesses and sell their products in a public marketplace.

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  • Wyckoff school pilots new science curriculum - THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2016

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 10/20/2016

    Several students excitedly raised their hands and immediately began molding the dirt on the tables in front of them into the shape of a shoreline, most unconcerned about their muddied hands. It was a hands-on science lesson, all right, which is driving the new state science standards.

    Washington School teachers are piloting the curriculum which will be mandatory next year with the assistance of an outside consultant and in-house K-5 instructional coach Stacey Linzenbold.

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  • Wyckoff K-8 district welcomes new supervisor of curriculum and instruction, SEPTEMBER 1, 2016

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 9/10/2016

    Grace White was still moving into her new office at the Board of Education, waiting for her chalkboard painted wall to dry.

    "Isn't that cool?" she asked. "I can write on the whole wall and erase it."

    The K-8 Board of Education approved White as the new supervisor of curriculum and instruction on June 13. She had the summer to settle into her new office on Morse Avenue, different from the school setting she had been used to for 33 years.

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  • Wyckoff students make themselves at home with history - APRIL 21, 2016

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 4/21/2016
    A trap door leading to a set of steep steps was one of the many historical treasures fourth grade students from Abraham Lincoln Elementary School experienced during a visit to the Van Voorhees, Quackenbush, Zabriskie House.

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  • Wyckoff school board prepares for STEM lab

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 4/21/2016  

     The K-8 Board of Education is installing a $376,500 science, technology, engineering and math lab in its middle school and has included it as part of its 2016-17 operating budget.

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  • Wyckoff history makes a house call

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 2/11/2016

    Historic artifacts from the Zabriskie House were part of "trunk show" presentation that traveled to fourth-grade classrooms at Coolidge, Lincoln, Sicomac and Washington schools in advance of spring field trips to the 18th century landmark.

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  • Wyckoff 're-imagines' summer school to meet community's needs

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 4/9/2015

    A new and expanded summer school program aimed at erasing the stigma of attending summer school with 52 enrichment classes in subjects ranging from robotics and computer programming to instrumental music and water color painting.

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  • Central Jersey teams compete in Destination Imagination

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 4/3/2015

    Each year, Destination Imagination develops seven engaging open-ended challenges that are designed to bridge the gap between our digital and human ecosystem and what kids are learning in school

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  • 'Cardboard Challenge' is a cut-up for engineering hopefuls

    Posted by Harold Olejarz at 4/2/2015

    Skeeball, pinball, plinko and finger football were a few of the arcade games attendees could play at the first "Cardboard Challenge" held March 21 at Ramapo High School.

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