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Chromebook Updates

Chromebooks 2016 - 2017 Update

  • Everyone should have an ACER device unless there has been some additional damage to the device either by accident or unexplained. Please see Ms. Caputo if you haven't received a fixed ACER since Sept, Oct, or Nov.    

We are excited to inform you that beginning this year, all students received a district issued Acer Chomebook R11 which can be used both at home and in school. 

Chromebooks were distributed through our media center to students on September 21.
 Students received a device and charger, but need to purchase their own carrying case/protective covering to ensure its safety. 
Also, the district is offering a $20 insurance premium.  This premium will cover the cost of most accidental damage and repair/replacement costs throughout the school year.  Please locate both the device management agreement and insurance waiver which are present in the “Documents” area of the parent portal.  Both forms must be read and signed using the Genesis Parent Portal.

Additional guidelines can be found in the 2016-2017 student handbook under 1:1 Computer Initiative.  Please feel free to call the front office with any questions.

  • Any issues with Chromebooks should be brought to Ms. Caputo in the media center before school starting at 7:45 am, during homeroom, TIEE, or lunch.
  • If students need to charge they may come and drop it off behind the media center desk whenever they need to, they are to simply put a post-it with their name, and retrieve the device after about 30 minutes. Students should be charging the device over night and leaving their charger at home.
  • If the device is having a malfunction Ms. Caputo will attempt to troubleshoot, if unable to solve the issue the student is to fill out a form at the media center desk, and will be issued a Dell Chromebook & Charger to use until the device is able to be returned to service. 
  • Parents will receive a standard email from Ms. Caputo about the situation, and students will be contacted as soon as the Acer device is working properly.